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Fall 2018

  • Sep


    Intro to iOS Development, Part 1

    Learn the basics of iOS Development by building a fun Tap Game!

  • Sep


    Intro to iOS Development, Part 2

    Learn more about basics of iOS Development by building a 'Guess the Number' game!

  • Oct


    Interface Builder and Autolayout

    Learn about using Inteface Builder and Autolayout to create apps that look good on every screen size.

  • Oct


    Intro to UITableView

    Table Views are a common component in iOS apps. Learn how to harness them by building a Reminders app.

  • Oct


    Data Persistence with UserDefaults

    Learn how to save your data between launches by building a Pin Drop app (bonus content: MapKit and Gesture Recognizers!).

  • Oct


    Networking with Codable

    Learn how to use URLSession to request data from online APIs, and how to parse the response using Swift's Codable protocol.

  • Nov


    No Workshop

    Come by during the regular meeting time to work on your own apps or just hang out!

  • Nov


    Using Multiple View Controllers

    Learn how to pass data between multiple View Controllers by building a 'Colors' app. (bonus content: UICollectionView!)

  • Nov


    Intro to Firebase

    Learn how to build a Chat app that uses Firebase's Realtime Database to store data in the cloud.

  • Nov


    No Meeting

    Thanksgiving Break 🦃

  • Nov


    News App Challenge

    Test your knowledge by making a news app.